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General Civil Mediation Training

Mediator Training Dates

Are you interested in becoming a mediator? Click here to learn more about our externship opportunities. 

There are also virtual mediation training sessions available through the State Court Administrative Offices (SCAO), with content and prices comparable to our training services. These sessions qualify for your required 40 hours of general civil mediation training, and will certify you as a legal mediator in the state of Michigan. 

Best of all, they do not limit where you can practice! If you choose to volunteer your services with WCDRC after finishing your training, we will be happy to receive you!

Mediation Training Groups/Dates

State Court Administration Office's approved upcoming training dates.

*Volunteer rate requires that you complete 40 volunteer hours over a 24-month period.

The following training programs have been approved by the State Court Administrative Office. The list is updated periodically as new training dates become available.

Please contact the training center at (517) 373-4839 for further information.
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