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Our Civil Dispute Resolution Programs

We value our communities across Wayne County and the Metro Detroit area, and we understand the importance of a community working together to resolve issues among its members. As members of the communities ourselves, who proudly serve in the best interests of our neighbors and friends, we help clients come to arrangements for the benefit of all. All of our licensed mediators have taken the forty-hour Michigan State Court Administrative Office approved mediation training, and all have undergone thorough state background checks.

Below are our most common types of civil cases, but we are free to consider all types of civil disputes. Please contact us to see if your case is a best fit for our services. 

Landlord-Tenant Disputes/Eviction Disputes


Housing and financial insecurity are especially hard issues in these times, and we want to make sure that all parties involved in housing disputes come to arrangements where they can feel safe and secure. Our mediators will help landlords and tenants come to an understanding about the issues at hand, as well as trying to see things from the other party's perspective, and write up new and sophisticated contracts to better address these concerns. For those who are leaving their housing situation, we will work to develop a plan for your move that will utilize housing and community resources and give you the security you need.

General Civil

Our General Civil Disputes can cover many different areas, including business and community issues. Some of our most requested services include Neighbor and Neighborhood Disputes, Consumer-Merchant Disputes, Breach of Contract Disputes, Small Claims and Debt Settlement cases. As listed above, other services may be considered under General Civil.

Workplace Disputes

Whether issues stem from a fraught relationship or incident between employees, employee and employer, or within a larger company/workplace climate, our mediators will help all parties who wish to resolve their disputes come to a beneficial arrangement and to be able to see each side of a situation from each other's perspective. We help promote long-term workplace solutions and relationships based upon re-establishing mutual trust and respect.

Estate Planning/Elder Care Disputes

We at WCDRC value our elder members of the community and want the best for them, much like their own family members, who may be put in difficult and frustrating situations regarding their loved ones' care. Our mediators will work with all parties to decide on the best solution regarding the housing, personal/medical care, and family visitation of elder loved ones, while respecting the personal wishes of said elder at all times. 

We also understand how hard the division of assets may be after a loved one is gone, and without methods effective communication and mutual respect, it can lead to some of the worst fights among family members. We at WCDRC are sensitive to the emotional stress these situations can cause, and our mediators will listen to all sides and help everyone reach a fair and beneficial agreement of divisions. We will work together with court systems and legal attorneys to respect the wishes of wills and written agreements, and always keep the desired unity of the family in mind. 
We help others by providing a safe & understanding environment to effectively resolve their disputes.

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