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Small Claims/General Civil/Criminal

Mediation CourtroomThese cases cover a wide variety of disputes, including consumer debts, landlord/tenant issues, used car sales and repairs, neighbor and property disputes, and misdemeanor assault cases. We handle referrals from 16 district courts in Wayne County.

Probate Court

These cases generally involve disagreements over wills, estates and guardianships of adult and/or child relatives. They are particularly challenging, because they often include several participants who have complicated, highly emotional relationships.

Family Court

The great majority of domestic cases we mediate involve a disagreement between separated parents over parenting time and/or custody. We can also mediate all issues in a divorce. We also handle non-domestic Personal Protection Order referrals from the Family Court. These cases generally involve escalating disputes between neighbors or relatives.

We help others by providing a safe & understanding environment to effectively resolve their disputes.

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