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Further Your Education

The Wayne County Dispute Resolution Center serves as the primary learning resource in Wayne County for new mediators. Through an internship, newly trained mediators are mentored by experienced mediators in a range of cases that enable them to achieve a skill level necessary to become effective mediators. If you take your 40 Hour General Civil Mediation Training through us, your internship is free. Otherwise, we interview you for a potential internship and charge an administrative fee of $150 for the “two plus one observations” and $225 for a full 40 hour mediation internship.

Help Our Children

Our Youth live in a challenging era with technology and distractions running rampant. Not only is this difficult for our Youth to focus, but having trouble in the home only amplifies this already big problem. The Wayne County Dispute Resolution Center needs your help! A small donation goes a long way for our Youth.

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