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About Us

What We Do

The Wayne County Dispute Resolution Center (WCDRC) is a community based nonprofit organization providing confidential resolution of conflicts as well as training and education to schools, individuals, families, businesses and other entities in metropolitan Detroit and throughout Wayne County. In 2016, WCDRC handled a total of 3,500 cases, an increase of 1,500 cases over two years ago.

What We Believe


The Wayne County Dispute Resolution Center strives to provide the community we serve with a process for resolving disputes through:

  • Empowerment: Our process provides parties with the opportunity to choose their own solution.
  • Education: Through skills training and increased awareness programs, we promote alternatives for conflict resolution.
  • Effectiveness: The WCDRC advantage is an excellent pool of highly trained mediators and a skilled staff dedicated to ensuring exceptional quality.
Conflict Resolution

Why Conflict Resolution Works

  • Conflict resolution provides an opportunity for communication and open dialogue. Respectful dialogue encourages clarity, which leads to understanding and opens the door to resolution. Our highly skilled mediators establish an atmosphere of respect and help parties develop realistic, workable solutions.
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